Hoy nos ha dejado Pascual Momparler, una de las personas que mas ha hecho x el ciclismo de la C.V. Mi mas sentido pésame a toda su familia.

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Died:Sept. 19, 2012 UTC

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@YDKSAB its business .... If that fight could draw another 17 million o so why not right ?! It's still a pickem fight. It's business In reply to @YDKSAB

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Muuuuy buen día,ya de vuelta en el bdat

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How do you both keep track of your games? Do you use a mobile app for when you're out and about? #CUPodcast @PatTheNESpunk

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>@nickbilton left me a VM because he thought I'm actually ancient enough to still listen to them. Took the bait. ouch. #gotyermessage

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#ktmmotophoto day 4 my favorite riding spot. The hills of Palmdale!! Born and raised on these trails,… http://t.co/7gP15HJSqT

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Sigo aferrado a Cristo y confiado en mis médicos y enfermeras. Hasta la victoria siempre!! Viviremos y venceremos!!!

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American Idol Finale May 25, Gaga & Big Man "The Edge of Glory" Really look forward to this one!!! much love

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Tru! Thats why I made the First move, Now Dude say He Gone KILL me. Wouldn't be so bad if he ain't (cont) tl.gd/isvsa9

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@TheRealStafford I'm in the hospital waiting for an angiogram... You win! In reply to @TheRealStafford

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